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BRANXTON (Northumberland) - The Fountain


An amazing garden containing about 150 animals and a vast number of Gnomes and people all made out of concrete. It was started by John Fairnington, a Master Joiner, when he retired in 1963. It was said that he made the models to amuse his handicapped Son, Edwin. However it appears that there was more to it than that because he continued making models after Edwin’s death in 1971 (aged 36). The amazing thing is that John was already 80 when he started the garden. He died in 1981 aged 98. The garden was taken over by his Nephew, John Fairnington Junior, and after his death in 1990 it passed to his Daughter. Two friends of John Fairnington Senior played major parts in the construction of the garden. They were William Collins and James Beverage.



In Branxton near Cornhill, at a house called “The Fountain” in the main street through the village. Look for the concrete animals beside the front drive. Open to the public most days. There is no entry charge but donations are requested. Please give generously as the garden is expensive to maintain.