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FRESTON (Suffolk) - Freston Tower


Possibly the oldest folly tower in the country, built 1549.  Unusual in that the windows get larger towards the top.  In 1850 a novel entitled "Freston Tower" was published by Reverend Richard Cobbold. The largely fictional plot centres on the daughter of Lord de Freston, the beautiful Ellen, who studied a different subject on each floor. Starting on the ground floor on Monday with Embroidery then moving up through Music, Languages, Literature, Painting and finishing with Astronomy on the top floor on Saturday.  She was then let out on Sunday. The building is now run by the Landmark Trust and can be hired as a holiday home.



In Freston there is a public footpath opposite what was “The Boot” public house. It goes between some houses then down and up a slight slope. Look out for wooden signs to Freston Park. Pass a cattlegrid and then the path goes to the left of some buildings which have the tower beside them.